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September 26-28 - Offscreen at the Speculative Sound Synthesis Symposium. Graz, Austria. 

August 24 - Kevin Good's slow, silent, singing at RASP, Los Angeles. 

July 31 - Performing with Maryam Hosseini at the Association for American-Iranian Professionals, San Diego. 

July 25-28 - The Arcata Gathering. Arcata, CA. 

May 10 - Final solo recital at UCSD. Works by Matt Sargent, David Macbride, and a world premiere by Scott Wollschleger. 

February 28 - red fish blue fish performs Stockhausen's Mikrophonie at UCSD. 

February 10-11 - red fish blue fish performs Takemitsu's From me flows what you call Time with the La Jolla Symphony. 

February 2 - Duo Refracta at UCSD. Works by Sarah Hennies, Philippe Hurel, Kevin Good, and David Macbride. 

January 20 - red fish blue fish performs Takemitsu's Rain Tree as a part of Kosuke Matsuda's solo recital at UCSD. 

January 5-7 - soundON Festival with NOISE Ensemble as a part of San Diego New Music. 




November 15 - red fish blue fish and friends present Reich's Music for 18 Musicians at UCSD. 7pm.

November 1 - Offscreen at UCSD. Works by Erin Graham, Douglas Osmun, Jo Kondo, Ann Cleare, and Giacinto Scelsi. 7pm. 

June 8-11 - red fish blue fish at the Ojai festival. Performing works by Chou Wen-Chung and Gabriela Ortiz. 

June 5 - one fish two fish at UCSDWorks by Pawassar, Kim Ngoc, Janet Sit, and others. 

June 2 - UCSD Wind Ensemble, Mandeville Auditorium. UCSD, 7pm. 

May 18 - pluto bell and Matt Sargent at 2220, Los Angeles. Sharing bill with Sara Sithi-Amnuai and Beat Beat. 

May 13 - Premiere concert of the UCSD Persian Classical Music Ensemble. UCSD, 7pm. 

May 3 - red fish blue fish reprises its FRONTeras program at UCSD. 7pm. 

April 29 - red fish blue fish performs in San Ysidro as a part of FRONTeras. Works by Gabriela Ortiz and Johnny Stallings. 

March 22 - one fish two fish, Conrad Prebys Experimental Theater. 7pm. 

March 16 - UCSD Wind Ensemble, Mandeville Auditorium, 7pm. 

March 1 - red fish blue fish presents a concert of works by David Lang and Michelle Lou. Conrad Prebys Experimental Theater. 7pm. 

Feb. 9 - UCSD Wind Ensemble. Mandeville Auditorium, 7pm. 

Feb. 8 - Wilfrido Terrazas - The Torres Cycle album release concertUCSD 7pm. 

Jan 23 - one fish two fish presents works by Kevin Good, Annea Lockwood, and others. UCSD, 7pm. 



November 10 - Rebecca Saunders' dust at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention. Indianapolis, IN. 

October 21 - Epstein Family Amphitheater Opening Celebration with the San Diego Symphony.

September 26 - Neofonía - Festival de Música Nueva Ensenada w/Berk Schneider and Shaoai Ashley Zhang. Ensenada, Mexico. 

June 3 - one fish two fish presents a concert of works by Tan Dun, David Macbride, Molly Joyce, and Tawnie Olson at UCSD.

May 20 - red fish blue fish presents a celebration of the Iannis Xenakis centennial at UCSD. 

May 18 - red fish blue fish commemorates composer Chou Wen-Chung and the arrival of his percussion instruments at UCSD. 

March 16 - one fish two fish presents works by Peter Garland, Juri Seo, and Paul Lansky. 5pm. 

March 13 - red fish blue fish at the La Jolla Music Society. Works by Juri Seo, figgis-vizueta, and Reich. 

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