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red fish blue fish

Red fish blue fish is the resident percussion ensemble at the University of California, San Diego under the direction of Steven Schick. The ensemble presents concerts each year premiering new and groundbreaking works as well as venerated standards for percussion ensemble, from duos to sextets, and beyond. 

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Offscreen (Alexander “Sasha” Ishov and Michael Jones) is a flute/percussion duo exploring the intersection of traditional instruments and technology. The duo explores subtle interventions in the connection between two performers of acoustic instruments, as well as the inner lives of objects made audible through the use of technology.

Photo by Robbie Bui

Duo Refracta

Duo Refracta (Michael Jones and Shaoai Ashley Zhang) is a piano/percussion duo dedicated to performing new works by emerging composers as well as rarely-performed classic works from the 20th century avant garde and modernist canon. 


Photo by Robbie Bui

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